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Today we are talking about varicose veins and a very useful product to prevent and combat the problem, Varyforte. This is a rather common problem in the population, also known as varicose veins. According to an American statistic, about 50% of women have problems in the veins, equal to 40% of men. Clearly, the severity of the problem is variable, often even very drastically. Before presenting the product Varyforte to you, highlighting all the opinions of those who have tried it (both positive and negative), we want to offer you an in-depth analysis of the causes and symptoms of varicose veins.

The best way to combat varicose veins is to recognise the initial symptoms. It’s not easy in reality because we tend to ignore the small messages that our body sends us, arriving then at the most serious and difficult consequences to eradicate. It is not easy to combine the problem of varicose veins in its initial phase with an effective remedy such as Varyforte. That is why we want to analyse the problem well first.

The symptoms are becoming more and more evident as the symptoms gradually become apparent. The legs begin to swell, the veins are increasingly visible and large, begin to appear veritable cramps. The area gets to lose its healthy colour. As for the capillaries, they range from blue and red colourations and group together like a spider web.

Varicose veins are referred to when they expand. Usually affect the legs. This pathology is very frequent and in less severe cases remedies such as Varyforte are excellent. Manual draining massages are also of great help.

On a physiological level, varicose veins are formed when the valves that promote the transport of the blood are weakened. Their purpose is to carry blood in the direction of the heart, when they no longer do their work, here they can no longer hold back the redescent downwards. Blood begins to accumulate in veins and capillaries and is no longer pushed properly. We are therefore talking about venous insufficiency. It should be considered then that the blood accumulates and this leads to dilatation.

They may be flesh-coloured or show a violet and blue tinge. They create a real relief on the skin. Different, but always caused by circulatory problems, the capillaries. They are similar to varicose veins but the thickness is much lower and are often not raised. They appear to be branched off, like thin lines reminiscent of cobwebs.

We have seen physiologically how they are formed. But what are the causes that lead to the weakening of the valves that should prevent blood stagnation? First of all, it should be considered that this is often a natural predisposition. Other times, hereditary factors come into play.

Hormonal change can also be the cause of varicose veins. Among some of the wrong lifestyles we find smoking abuse, too much exposure to the sun…. Hormonal changes involve, for example, the period of pregnancy and menopause, but also the intake of contraceptive pills and various medicines that contain progesterone and estrogen.

However, one of the determining factors is that age is advancing. Prevention is fundamental, which also consists in keeping the veins strong thanks to the use of specific products. A crucial role in all of this is also played by overweight, by standing too high. Let us remember that the force of gravity should not be underestimated in all this.

As in most cases, surgery is only necessary in very advanced cases. It is recommended for varicose veins when they are very large. There is not only one type of operation and should only be studied carefully with your doctor if other types of remedies have not worked. What are the main methods used at medical level? Here are two listed:

However, the most commonly used medical treatment remains sclerotherapy. In practice, an intravenous solution is injected which causes occlusion. Blood stops and the vein becomes healed tissue. The vein usually disappears in a few weeks, but it is not necessarily necessary more than one session. Among the possible side effects there is a temporary burning, the appearance of some red spots including clear and stains around the veins.

Preventing 100% varicose veins is not possible, as we have already seen in the root causes of the problem often there is a genetic factor. However, for many women or men, it is possible to


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