Xtrasize: instructions for use

The size of the penis is not irreversible. If you and your partner are not satisfied with yours, there is an effective and quick solution that you can adopt his or her no fear: Xtrasize.

It has been developed by the FitaPharma laboratory, the world leader in Natural Medicine.

A treatment with Xtrasize allows you to get the length and circumference of your penis that you have always wanted. You can measure yourself against these actors from the X movies. You and your partner will be completely satisfied with all your sexual intercourse.

Another advantage of treatment with Xtrasize is that you won't need to change your lifestyle. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco or other dietary products is perfectly permissible, which is not the case for other treatments.

Xtrasize is one of the most effective products to have a big sex. In other words, it is one of the best penis supplements on the market.

It is a dietary supplement in tablets. It acts directly on the cavernous body inside the penis, helping it to expand and then increase its absorption capacity and efficiency.

Xtrasize has been recognized and approved by nutritionists and dieticians alike.

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With Xtrasize, you'll be able to get:

Characteristics of the Xtrasize:

User reviews and testimonials:

More than 100,000 men have already used the Xtrasize according to the manufacturer's official website. Many of them testified. Among them:

Luc M:"After only a few weeks, I got a bigger, longer penis. I was able to give my partner the best orgasms she'd ever had. We had an intense pleasure. What I really like is that I can have more sustainable sex. I feel very manly. »

Georges F:"With my 14 cm penis, I never succeeded in satisfying my girlfriend fully. She's still pissed at me. I ran into Xtrasize and thought, why don't you try if it'll help our couple? 3 weeks of use and the result is visible, I have already been able to get about 3 cm. My girlfriend is very happy with my decision. We both have a sex life that is much more than satisfying because of the size of my sex. »

Xtrasize is composed of 100% natural ingredients, specially selected for their virtues used for penis enlargement and enlargement. The recipe is the result of research by a team of scientists, doctors and nutrition experts.

The ingredients used to make it come from plantations cultivated by certified and certified growers who specialize in the cultivation of plants and herbs for medical and dietary purposes.

The main components of Xtrasize tablets:

Thanks to these components, which are completely natural, the treatment with Xtrasize is painless and safe. You have nothing to worry about.

Functional principle of the Xtrasize:

Xtrasize improves blood flow to the penis. That's what makes it bigger. Indeed, the better the blood circulation in the penis, the better the erection will be, the more rigid, long-lasting and stable the erection will be.

Xtrasize also allows to enlarge erectile tissue and increase its storage capacity and therefore the size of the penis.

A long-term treatment with Xtrasize allows you to lengthen the size and circumference of your penis and also to have more intense erections.

The length of your penis can increase up to 7.5 cm. Its circumference can increase by 2.5 cm.


Take one tablet of Xtrasize every day.

Take your Xtrasize tablet before breakfast, on an empty stomach or half an hour before intercourse for maximum effectiveness.

The results of taking Xtrasize tablets can be felt and appear after 3 to 4 weeks depending on the metabolism of each individual.

Contraindications or precautions for the use of Xtrasize:

Xtrasize is not indicated for use in men under 18 years of age

Xtrasize should not be used by men who are allergic to any of its components.

Possible side effects of Xtrasize:

Made from 100% natural and high quality ingredients, Xtrasize has no side effects.

Xtrasize packaging:

Xtrasize is packaged in a white packaging containing 60 tablets.

Xtrasize Award:

A Xtrasize box costs about 59 euros.

Note that a can of Xtrasize corresponds to two months of treatment and gives about 3 cm more length.

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1 - How many Xtrasize tablets should I take per day?

One tablet a day.

2 - For how long do I have to p


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